Green Gift Guide: Editors’ Choice

By Hannah Malan

Ready for the holidays? Give with a conscience this season, and get inspired with these green gift ideas from the editors at Sierra Club Green Home.

Recycled Wine Bottle Glasses, TheUltimateGreenStore

Show up with the good stuff. Make a toast to your host—and the environment—when you come bearing a beautiful bottle of organic wine. Not sure how to choose? Check out Earth 911’s Guide to Eco-Friendly Wines, and pick up the perfect bottle at your local wine shop. If you’re looking to add something extra special to your gift, complement the wine with a set of glasses made from recycled wine bottles—talk about a match made in heaven!

Inspire an eco chef. True, recipes are all over the internet these days. But there’s something about a real, tangible, pick-it-up-and-make-it-yours cookbook that lives on. Give a guide to good, green, wholesome food with planet-pleasing recipes from Big Green Cookbook or penny-saving ideas from Wildly Affordable Organic. Think about the inner-chef in your friends and family, and find the eco-friendly cookbook that’s right for them.

Potted Herbs by ccharmon, Flikr

Share your secrets. What are your favorite DIY projects and culinary concoctions? Take a break from the “buy” mentality, and think of one thing you do at home that you could share. Maybe it’s growing sprouts in a Mason jar or planting a pot of seasonal herbs. And what about that killer homemade trail mix everybody loves? Whip up one of your signature homemade masterpieces—and GIVE. Bonus points? Share the recipe or how-to instructions, too!

Copper Wrap Bracelet, GIVEN

Handmade=heartfelt. Even if you’re not a DIY-er, you can still give your special someone a handmade gift by shopping at a vibrant online marketplace like Etsy. No specific gift in mind? Simply search “eco-friendly” and browse through a variety of products—from journals to greeting cards to bath soaks. You can also contribute to a cause by supporting vendors on Etsy like ShopGiven. Their limited-edition bracelets are made in partnership with NPO Project Light Rwanda and the Aspire co-cop in Kigali.

Himalayan Salt Lamp, Solay

Give the glow of nature. Sierra Club Green Home Operations Manager Heather-Leigh Logan says her Himalayan salt rock lamp is one of the best gifts she’s ever received. Not only do natural salt lamps create a beautiful, soft glow, but Pure Crystal Salt also ionizes indoor air, simulating the cell-nourishing ions of an ocean breeze. Browse through this collection of salt crystal lamps to shine a new light on the spirit of giving.

Nature’s Basin Organic Lotion

Inspire natural beauty. Treat your friend or family member to natural, organic beauty and body care gifts that bring to life the luxuries of nature. From bath soaps to lip balms to men’s soothing shaving cream, discover perfectly priced, beautiful products at Nature’s Basin. We’ve also fallen in love with Josie Maran Cosmetics featuring all-natural, 100% organic Argan Oil—a “super food” for the skin, hair, and the whole body.

Looking for gifts for the kids? Check out our article Natural Toys That Keep Children Safe.

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