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A New Interactive Green Building Community: Green Hippo Hut

Are you a builder, architect, or green provider looking for a sense of community in the sustainable design world? Now there is a new way to exchange knowledge, share ideas, and collaborate on projects. (GHH) was formed to enhance multi-disciplinary design to drive sustainability. GHH emerged from what was seen as a disconnect between all the parties involved with sustainable design and construction; building information modeling, construction, management and ownership. Each party involved (architects, landscape architects, engineers of many disciplines, contractors of many trades, owners and their representatives, corporations and lenders) have a general idea of what should be done to make a green, sustainable building. However, there is an insufficient overlap of sharing and communication of these ideas in a manner that will yield to an overall solution for the system as a whole. All of these parties are part of that buildings team, yet each have it’s own program, agenda and understanding because of their respective scope and experience. A building is consisted of complex and interactive elements, but the building itself becomes the overall system. Thus, all the sub-systems need to be in “alignment” with each other so that the building’s overall solution is sound and sustainable.

Green Hippo Hut seeks to unify the people, products, and practices that make a building “green” and sustainable so that all involved can achieve a solution that best matches the total needs of each building, community and the people that they encompass. asks its members to register and provide information on themselves and what they do (the people), to register their business (the products) and to showcase their projects (the practice) and link them together. Members can then post information, papers, blogs, ask questions, and in general, communicate with others to increase their comprehension and provide their own knowledge to others.

GHH is also starting to develop and host webinars to train and educate members in green practices and products by providing a venue for experts to convey their industry awareness, and for companies to enlighten users with new and innovative products. The company hopes that it can become one of the key sources for all interested in green building to come to share their knowledge and experiences, gain new ideas and concepts. The goal of GHH is to help industry leaders break down boundaries that have typically kept professionals from developing multidisciplinary, systemic and holistic approaches to green building. Visit GreenHippoHut.Com to join the community!

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