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We produce original content and accept community-generated contributions from individuals who are similarly passionate about our mission: to help Americans make their homes more energy efficient, environmentally sustainable and healthy.  If you are interested in contributing, please contact us.

Kristina Anderson 
As a writer, researcher, vegetarian, and yoga teacher, Kristina is consumed with enlightening herself and others about sustainability and natural health. Through the years, Kristina has dramatically changed the way she lives, and has found that the steps she has taken to improve her health often have an uncanny consistency with lighter impact living.  Kristina has a degree in psychology and is a certified Green Building Professional. Visit her Web site at EcoKristina.com or follow her on Twitter.

Debra Atlas
As an environmental journalist, professional blogger, and radio personality, Debra focuses on the newest, most innovative and affordable green products and services, as well as environmentally related breaking news.

For more than three years, Debra has been writing a weekly newspaper column called “Distinctly Green.” Her weekly radio program, “Eco Trends,” features the latest affordable products that can help you easily green your lifestyle. She also recently launched her first CD, “Eco Trends: Keys to Affordable Green,” which features profiles of 24 top quality, innovative green products that present great solutions to everyday problems.

Debra writes for a number of Web sites, including Beamingsun.comEnvirothink (her own blog), and the Red Ferret Journal (where she is the eco editor).

A member of the Society of Environmental Journalists, Debra can be reached either via her Web site, www.Eco-hub.net, or at debraatlas@gmail.com. Check out articles by Debra.

Devon Bijansky
Devon Bijansky is an Austin, Texas-based attorney whose interest in sustainability grew out of the process of designing and building the five-star green home she shares with her husband and their three bunnies.  Devon’s blog, Green House, Good Life, began as a way to chronicle the construction and has become a resource for others interested in green building, water conservation, energy-efficiency, and related issues.

Marin Blair
Marin is a certified home performance contractor and consultant in Edina, Minnesota. A graduate of the Residential Building Science & Technology program at the University of Minnesota, Marin is passionate about promoting innovative techniques of constructing homes that are highly energy efficient, sustainably built, durable, and above all, safe and healthy for occupants. She specializes in testing and diagnosing common performance problems in homes in order to implement effective solutions. Marin is an accredited building analyst through the Building Performance Institute and has spent time working in both nonprofit, government-funded programs as well as for-profit builders and remodelers.

Mike Brandolino
Mike is a research biologist with extensive agricultural research experience. He is an agricultural and environmental issues writer based in New Jersey.

Caneel T. Cardwell
Caneel is a former newspaper reporter, now a freelance journalist and gluten-free food blogger. As a mother of two spirited children, she has an interest in topics relating to family life, healthy eating, and sustainable living. She also has a passion for bringing awareness and compassion to pregnancy complications and miscarriage. Caneel enjoys cooking up new recipes in her kitchen and experiments with herb and vegetable gardening. You can read her blog at Mama Me Gluten Free.

Kara A. DiCamillio
Kara is the organizer of the Green Drinks Newport chapter and a member of Newport’s Energy & Environment Commission in Newport, RI. Kara volunteers at Norman Bird Sanctuary, and has also volunteered as a panelist for Rhode Island Farmways, speaking to farmers from around the state about how they can better market and promote their businesses.

Beyond the moat that surrounds her island home, Kara has backpacked Mt. Washington in New Hampshire too many times to count, is a member of the Appalachian Mountain Club, a graduate of the Colorado Outward Bound School and, in real life, she is a public relations director. Kara began her writing career with TreeHugger.com in January 2005 and is currently a contributing writer for Ecorazzi, 1800Recycling.com, EcoRI and her local Patch. Kara’s work can also be found on TriplePundit, EcoSalon, and Breathe Magazine.

April Fang
April is a freelance environmental journalist, with a major in Environmental Studies, and specializes in environmental management and geographic information. She has a passion for environmental pollution/protection and sustainable design. She believes that writing is the best way to inspire people and that sustainable development is one of the key approaches to the future. To live green is her goal, and she believes that there are lots of little things people can do to make a big difference for the environment.

Kathleen Haley
Kathleen Haley is a freelance journalist based in San Francisco. She worked as a staff reporter for The Sacramento Press, an online newspaper, from April 2009 to June 2011. Kathleen’s freelance stories have appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle, Salon.com, and the Santa Cruz Sentinel. In January, she had the wonderful opportunity to participate as a fellow in a UC Berkeley Knight Digital Media Center multimedia workshop. Kathleen holds a master’s degree in journalism from the University of British Columbia and a bachelor’s degree in literature from University of California, Santa Cruz. She enjoys San Francisco’s natural beauty and is gradually becoming a better hiker. Follow her on Twitter @Kathleen_Haley.

Joan Hamilton
Joan is a freelance environmental writer and editor based in Berkeley, California. She has written for AudubonBay NatureMother JonesOrionSierra, and The Nation. From 1995 to 2007 she was editor-in-chief of Sierra, the magazine of the Sierra Club, and has also been top editor at Climbing and High Country News. In addition to her work at SCGH, she is editing a book, writing magazine articles, and producing downloadable audio guides to the outdoors. For more information, go to her website at //web.mac.com/joanham or email her at joanham@gmail.com.

Robbie Harris
Robbie Harris is a writer, editor, producer, and communications consultant. In 2004, she founded Lucid Dream Productions with her husband, Kurt Holtz, a photographer, videographer, and editor. She is the former news director of Chicago Public Radio and WHYY in Philadelphia, where she led award-winning news teams, creative projects, served as local anchor of All Things Considered, and executive producer of numerous programs and specials. She was the humanities reporter and local “Weekend Edition” anchor at New Hampshire Public Radio and later founded a humanities reporting position at WHYY. She also has worked in public and commercial television as well as print journalism.

Robbie is the former editor of the Illinois Solar Energy Association Newsletter and Communications Director at Aerotecture International, a vertical axis wind turbine/solar power company. Robbie can be reached at rharris@luciddreamproductions.net.

Max Havins
Max Havins is a researcher and writer based in San Diego, California.  He does enjoy long walks on the beach, but not the two hours of traffic between his home and the coast.  He has studied and published articles on a range of topics relating to environmental science and business innovation.

Courtney Hayden
Courtney is dedicated to engaging readers who are traditionally thought of as outside of the environmental movement, particularly rural and religious communities. She is equally concerned with bringing awareness to pressing issues of environmental justice in the United States and abroad.  Her previous work, primarily concerning women’s rights and climate change, has been published by the collegiate newspapers and The Northwest Indian Applied Research Institute.

E.Q. Lam

E.Q. Lam served as SCGH’s community development manager and managing editor. She has a background in print journalism and was part of an award-winning investigative reporting team. She also is an attorney and has worked in law, international education, and online business management.

She seeks easy, inexpensive ways to be eco-friendly in order to encourage people towards a greener lifestyle. When not advocating for the environment, she hikes urban trails, plucks away at her zither, practices jeet kune do, edits videos and shoots photos, and consumes public/independent media. She also has a fondness for collecting stamps in her passport but is trying to reduce her carbon footprint on that front. Check out articles by E.Q. Lam.

Heidrun Mumper-Drumm
Heidrun is a graphic designer and letterpress printer and an Adjunct Associate Professor in Graphic Design, Product Design and Humanities & Design Sciences at Art Center College of Design. Her design practice includes identitysystems, marketing materials, and books, and her work has been recognized in industry periodicals and exhibitions.

Since 2003, Heidrun’s focus has been on the incorporation of sustainability goals and lifecycle strategies into design education and into the design process. She has developed and teaches academic and studio classes related to design for sustainability at Art Center College of Design, and lectures and conducts workshops on lifecycle thinking and design process. Formerly an environmental engineer for Bechtel and Parsons Engineering, her experience includes nuclear, geothermal, solar and wind energy projects, as well as environmental management for NASA and the US Air Force.

Roland Oehme
Roland is a registered landscape architect in California and Maryland. He also owns an organic, raw food online store and organizes green travel tours to Europe.

Roland has been working in the profession of landscape architecture for more than 15 years. He has a bachelor’s degree in landscape architecture from the University of Georgia. He specializes in sustainable designs that are beautiful and wildlife friendly and that feature native plants and edible gardens.

Roland is passionate about nature, plants, protecting animals and the environment, green living, sustainable design, architecture, landscape architecture, green transportation (especially bicycling), green home, green shopping, healthy living, raw food lifestyle, and edible gardening.

To learn more about Roland’s landscape architecture business, visit www.GreenHarmonyDesign.com. To learn more about Roland’s organic, raw food online store, visit www.GreenHarmonyLiving.com.  To see Roland’s blog, visit www.we-love-rawfood.blogspot.com/. To learn more about Roland’s green travel tours to Europe, visit www.GreenHarmonyTours.com.

Kavitha Pramod 
Kavitha is a graduate of the environmental programs in Cornell University and the Pace University School of Law.  While studying environmental science with a concentration in physical oceanography at Cornell, she completed research projects to map sea surface temperatures and wave heights in coastal and tropical areas.

Kavitha then decided to shift her career focus from science to law and policy.  While she was attending law school, Kavitha participated in a number of legal and policy research projects. She also represented her school at an international roundtable discussion on developing energy policies, and at a conference on environmental governance.

Kavitha has used her background to help lead a successful climate change awareness campaign abroad.  While she has worked and continues to work on many environmental issues, both domestic and international, her passion lies in water law, policy and governance, specifically water conflict.

Jennifer Roberts
Jennifer is a writer, lecturer, and consultant specializing in ways in which we can improve our environment and enrich our lives by building better buildings and making smarter choices at home and at work. Educated at both Dartmouth and Stanford, she has written about green buildings and healthy living for publications as varied as DwellProfessional BuilderBody + Soul, and theFinancial Times of London. She holds a certificate in urban permaculture design and has professional accreditation from LEED, the U.S. Green Building Council program that recognizes expertise in green building practices. She is the author of Good Green KitchensGood Green Homes, and Redux: Designs That Reuse, Recycle, and Reveal. She lives in San Francisco with her partner, their dog, and four chickens. Visit her website at www.jenniferroberts.com.

Bob Schildgen
Bob has been writing for Sierra, the magazine of the Sierra Club, for 15 years. He served as managing editor of Sierra from 1997 to 2005, when he began a popular environmental advice column, “Hey Mr. Green.” His book Hey Mr. Green, a collection of these columns, was published in 2008 by Sierra Club Books. In addition to numerous articles, columns, and reviews in Sierra, his work has appeared in wide variety of other publications. He also edited The Corporate Reapers, a classic study of American agribusiness that was published in 1992. Schildgen is a founding board member of the national Green Chamber of Commerce and a cofounder of Pacific View Press, a multicultural publisher. A native of rural Wisconsin, he now lives in Berkeley, California, where he grows more than 40 different types of vegetables and herbs in a small urban garden.

Albert Segovia
Albert is a graduate of the University of Colorado, Boulder, where he studied environmental science with an emphasis on international development. He has worked with a number of environmentally conscious organizations, including Pangea Organics, the Colorado Student Public Interest Research Group (CoPIRG), and an energy efficiency company which assists people in low income communities. Albert has also volunteered with the Special Olympics since 2001, and he helped start the Global Education Fund Club at the University of Colorado.

Jennifer Taggart
Jennifer is an environmental attorney specializing in consumer product labeling law, a former environmental engineer, an eco-consultant helping to make homes green and non toxic, and author of the forthcoming The Smart Mama’s Green Guide: Simple Steps to Non Toxic Babies from Center Street of Hachette Book Group USA. She runs the website TheSmartMama and also blogs for 5 Minutes for Going Green and Amazon Green. She regularly lectures in Los Angeles on how to reduce toxic chemicals in the home, from green cleaning to cleaning up the toxic toy box. She says her most important job is raising two children in a mostly green, mostly non-toxic environment.

Debbie Van Der Hyde
Debbie Van Der Hyde is an experienced freelance writer with a strong interest in sustainability, clean energy and the green economy.

For more than a decade, she has helped organizations effectively communicate their brand and promote their products and services through feature articles, brochures, video scripts, podcasts, Web copy, and more. Now Debbie has expanded into writing about sustainability and the green economy—and what started as a pastime has become a passion. Prior to becoming a freelance writer, Debbie worked in marketing and corporate communications for a global consulting company.

Erika Washington
Erika Washington is a freelance journalist and social media manager always looking at life through her green tinted glasses in fabulous Las Vegas. Follow her adventures on twitter @VegasJournalist.

Janice Zaltman
Janice is a LEED-accredited professional, Realtor, speaker, instructor, and freelance journalist specializing in all things related to healthy living, real estate, and the environment.

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