The Green Movement is Color Blind

Addressing the fact that environmental organizations are predominantly white is  something we have put on the backburner for a long time.   Climate change is not subject to a specific age, race, or cultural group – it affects all of us.

The next step in the environmental movement is mass collaboration between all groups – not just the intelligentsia, hippies, and green business gurus — but EVERYONE.   Climate change regulation needs to balance the 3 e’s – economy, environment, equity – with an underlying assumption, or 4th “E”, that it includes all Ethnicities.

The Sierra Club recognizes that membership is not only aging but is very white.   They are making attempts to change that through programs like the  Environmental Justice and Community Partnershipsprogram and Building Bridges to the Outdoors for inner-city youth.

As an East Indian participant in the green movement, I feel my connection to the earth has no relevance to my race but rather my belief in the future of humanity.  This is not to say in any way that I think minorities are being excluded from the green movement.  On the contrary, my personal experience has been outstanding, I have been greeted with open arms by all who share concerns about the sustainability of our planet.  To that end, I encourage all colors, races and religions to join the green movement, it is color blind except for our passion for all things green.


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