Squash Bed Bugs With This Natural, Effective Solution

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By Debra Atlas

The idea of bed bugs in your home or hotel room strikes terror in the hearts and imaginations of many people. Yet it has become a reality in such diverse places as luxury hotels, well-known department stores, and in many homes.

Bed bugs were mentioned by such noted authors as Aristotle, Pliny, and others as far back as 400 BC in ancient Greece. Once thought to be a health scourge caused by lack of cleanliness, newer data shows a likely link to climate change, which along with the ban on the use of DDT, has created a direct increase in the volume of pests.

There is a proven natural remedy and prevention method. Greenbug All Natural Pest Control Products uses cedar as a natural pest deterrent. Made with 10 percent organic cedar oil and 90 percent silane (liquefied quartz), Greenbug is deadly to pests but safe for humans, animals—and the environment.

According to Greenbug’s Web site, a study shows the direct spray of Greenbug for People causes “immediate immobilization of the bed bug nymphs, followed by 100% mortality within 1 minute of the topical application.” As for bug eggs treated with Greenbug, the site says the study found that “[n]one of the 61 treated eggs hatched after 17 days compared to 75% egg hatch in a non-treated control group.”

Standard treatment for bed bugs and other equally obnoxious pests such as head lice uses serious pesticides, which are composed of poisons, neurotoxins, and carcinogens. The use of these harsh chemicals is linked to a variety of health issues, including asthma, autism, ADHD, and cancer.

The 2008 United Nations’ Stockholm conference identified the top ten most serious chemical offenders and devised a plan to eradicate their use. The following year, more chemicals were added to the list, including lindane, the key ingredient in head lice treatments. Interestingly, an exception granted to the pharmaceutical industry stated that lindane is allowable to treat head lice. And we’re slathering this toxic chemical on our kids’ heads?

Concerned for the environment, Louise and Dan Hodges, founders of Greenbug, became aware of the cumulative effects of pesticides affecting people, animals, honey bees, and butterflies—the latter of which are key pollinators for fruit trees, produce, and other important vegetation. Their discovery of cedar’s effectiveness for pest control provides a great natural alternative to synthetic chemical treatments.

But gaining recognition and acceptance from the pest control industry has been an uphill climb. “Pests professionals scoff at [Greenbug],” says Louise Hodges. She feels that their thinking is “if it’s natural, it doesn’t work.”

Current treatment for household bed bugs includes stripping the house of all its contents, placing them inside a sealed truck or container, then filling the container with serious chemicals, saturating everything for several hours. After airing the container out for hours, everything is then placed back inside the house.

Greenbug is chemical free and safe, Louise Hodges says. A pest control professional recently told her that people do not care if the treatment is safe. “They just want it to work!” she says.

Not only do Greenbug products proactively treat bed bugs, there is another distinct difference between Greenbug and standard pesticides. These environmentally friendly products also prevent them. Greenbug products can be used safely in newborn nurseries and directly on pets (even puppies). They leave no stain or residue behind and have a pleasant fragrance.

Greenbug products come in several varieties and sizes. The personal size, two-ounce spray bottle is perfect for travel and even accepted by TSA for carry-on. FDA approved to use around food, Greenbug for Indoors is a cinch for kitchen use. Spray and work Greenbug for Pets directly into your pet’s coat for protection and relief from crawling pests. Greenbug for Outdoors can be used directly on garden plants or your home’s foundation. It comes in ready-to-use or concentrated formulas.

Greenbug is effective in killing all kinds of pests, including:

  • head lice
  • bed bugs
  • fleas
  • mosquitoes
  • fire ants
  • horse flies
  • roaches
  • flies and black flies
  • dust mites
  • aphids
  • ticks, and
  • chiggers, no-see-ems, and sand gnats

It takes only one use for Greenbug to work, says Louise Hodges.

“If there’s a large infestation of head lice,” she suggests, “Greenbug for Indoors can be used with laundry loads [and] more cost effectively on large-scale items or areas that [cannot] be laundered.”

Consumers will need a professional fogger to apply Greenbug for bed bugs. The company sells foggers, but people also can purchase the natural pesticide, then have a professional apply it.

An environmental journalist and blogger, Debra Atlas is reachable through  Eco-hub.net/wp or debraatlas@gmail.com. Check out more articles by Debra Atlas.

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