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We don’t always appreciate the eco-progress we’ve made, but what better time to reflect on what environmental programs we’re grateful for than with Thanksgiving? Let us know what environmental progress you’re thankful for, whether it’s your town adding municipal composting or a new United Nations program. We want to hear from you! Below are what some of our SCGH team members and readers are saying. We will publish more of your responses on Thanksgiving Day.

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  • One eco-friendly thing I am thankful is eco laundry detergents or any other type of hygienic product that is eco-friendly. When it comes to many of the name-brand laundry detergents, I happen to be allergic to the chemicals a lot of them put into their product. Eco-friendly laundry detergents give me a wider array of detergents to choose from rather than simply sticking with Gain (it’s the only name-brand laundry detergent that I have found I can use). —W. Gallios, SCGH
  • I am so thankful for all the wonderful eco-friendly home furnishings manufactures, designers, and retailers. Since 2008, we have helped share the journey of these pioneers. We look forward to many more years. —Nancy Kenney
  • I’m thankful for thrift shops, which carry clothes that are inexpensive and aesthetically pleasing , and also divert textiles from going to the landfill. —SCGH
  • I am thankful that Alaska’s humpback whale population has started to come back after facing near extinction in previous decades. This shows environmental protection and the whaling ban passed in 1966 truly have an impact on the state of our oceans. Read more about it. —H. Logan, SCGH
  • I am also thankful that on Nov. 10, the president authorized an independent review of the KesyStone XL pipeline. He stated that global warming would be one of the factors needed to be assessed. You can read more about it here, and continue to support the halt of the pipeline here. —H. Logan, SCGH
  • I am thankful for our transportation options, from bicycling to the train to peer-to-peer carsharing (such as Getaround) to zipcar. I have not owned a car for three years now, and have been able to get around just fine! —J. Blalack, SCGH
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