A New Kind of MBA: Sustainable Business

MBA programs preparing leaders in sustainability

GreenGown(small)As word of the gold rush made its way across the states in days of the 49ers, masses of people flocked to the west in search of work and fortune. Similarly, with an environmental revolution on the horizon, now is a perfect time to invest in a green education.

From a two year degree to a doctorate, collegiate level green programs are available and growing. Universities throughout America are adding new academic programs for aspiring, environmentally-conscious individuals.

UCI and Sierra Club Green Home Partner Up

Fundamentals for Green Spas, Green Marketing Principles, Climate Action Planning for Local Governments, these are just some of the green course choices for students pursuing the Sustainability Leadership Certificate offered by the University of California Irvine-Extension School. The Sustainability Leadership Certificate mixes business management strategy with sustainability and environmentalism for students hoping to bring environmental and social responsibility to the business world.

To receive this certificate, students must complete 15 units (or 5 courses) from the offered courses in the Sustainability Leadership program, have a desire to work in the sustainability field, and have a passion for going green. During the program, students will learn the tools needed to implement sustainability and environmental practices in business, while creating success and profits. The program will allow students to have hands-on experience creating business plans, examine current businesses and the government, and utilize marketing strategies for green businesses.

SCGH, a proud supporter of UCI’s program, values higher education in the green business field, believing that the world will become a greener place if more businesses become properly green. To achieve this requires individuals to be educated in sustainability and business strategies. Jennifer Schwab, Director of Sustainability at SCGH, has had direct experience with UCI’s program and asserts that the quality of the program is top-notch.

More Reasons to Graduate Green

As the green revolution continues, more and more jobs are opening up. A recent report by the Clean-Tech Market Authority showed that careers in the green industry are on the rise and paying as well, if not better than current industry jobs. Green energy such as solar is booming and jobs that were once flirting with minimum wage are now paying $36,100 a year in insulation work and $112,000 a year for design engineering managers in alternative energy. Many entry-level positions only required high school diplomas or associate’s degrees and pay more than $40,000 a year. There is also good news for those currently working on getting degrees in the environmental field; most of the jobs mentioned in the report required bachelor’s degrees and of those, one-third were engineering jobs.

Book smart hippies

Since 2006, sustainable MBAs have been popping up in colleges all over America. From Michigan State to San Francisco State University, many want the opportunity to participate in this growing career field.   The green movement is being backed up by eco-wise leaders and graduates.  The following are some of the available sustainable or Green MBA programs:

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