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By Jennifer Schwab, 2014-03-26

While not exactly a corporate climber, Leslie Zemeckis checks all these boxes, and thus validates the moniker “unconventional supermom.”

DIY Home Guide: Top 3 Types of Insulation

By SCGH, 2014-03-17

Which insulation is right for your home and budget? Read our simple insulation guide to find out.

Malaysia Flight 370: A Movie In The Making, or, Is This The Titanic of the 21st Century?

By Jennifer Schwab, 2014-03-11

Join Jennifer Schwab as she asks the question, “Where art thou, oh jetliner?”

Redefining Sustainability: 6 Steps for Happiness & Well-Being

By SCGH, 2014-02-13

Life Coach Jerry Meunier redefines “sustainability” with these 6 simple steps for sustaining our happiness and well-being.

Love Your Home Giveaway

By SCGH, 2014-02-12

Enter to win a $50 gift from Eartheasy with SCGH’s Love Your Home Giveaway!

Solving Office Temperature Wars

By SCGH, 2014-02-03

Solve the office temperature wars and maximize workplace productivity with these helpful tips.

Maintaining Healthy Habitats — The California Redwood Company

By SCGH, 2014-01-28

See how The CA Redwood Company is maintaining a healthy forest habitat, one spotted owl at a time.

Top 5 New Smart Home Technologies

By Heather-Leigh Logan, 2013-12-26

We discover the latest smart home technologies to make your home easy to care for, including never before seen color changing rooms!

How Religious Sites Are Using Eco-Technologies To Reflect Their Values

By Heather-Leigh Logan, 2013-12-24

Does Your Church Use Energy-Efficient LED Lighting? Find Out Why The Kiyomizu Buddhist Temple exclusively uses Panasonic’s LEDs for their lighting needs.

Genetically Misunderstood Organisms—The Debate Rages On…

By Jennifer Schwab, 2013-12-19

Join Jennifer Schwab as she consults experts in the field and takes a harder look at the truth about GMOs.

Developing a Lexicon for Ocean Preservation

By Jennifer Schwab, 2013-09-23

Join Jennifer Schwab as she consults experts in the field and takes a deeper dive into the real issues surrounding ocean preservation.

Natural Cleaning 101: Ingredients & Recipes

By SCGH, 2013-09-17

Learn what ingredients to buy, which products to try, and how to make your own homemade natural cleaning products!

Planning an Eco-Friendly Wedding

By SCGH, 2013-08-28

Today’s modern couples are making strides and designing eco-friendly weddings that suit their lifestyle—and their values.

Natural Laundry Detergents: Clean & Concentrated

By SCGH, 2013-08-26

While many of us strive to “eat clean” by purchasing organic produce and natural foods, we may be forgetting another way chemicals enter our bodies—through our skin.

FORTUNE Green: Consumers Won’t Pay Extra, But Companies Will

By Jennifer Schwab, 2013-08-15

The top movers and shakers of the corporate sustainability world gathered at Fortune Brainstorm Green to examine the success of green B to B, and the failure of green B to C commerce.

Feng Shui and Sustainable Living for Happy, Healthy Home

By Janice Zaltman, 2013-08-05

Creating an indoor space that reflects who you are and makes you thrive does not have to be expensive or complicated. Explore this interview with feng shui practitioner Debra Duneier to see how you can infuse a new vitality into your home—and your life.

Closet Sanctuary

By Hannah Malan, 2013-08-01

LOS ANGELES — For eco friendly closet designer Lisa Adams, making a living is all about making a difference. She utilizes green organization techniques and sustainable materials to make closets a space people can enjoy.

Sunscreen: Safe, Natural, Organic

By SCGH, 2013-07-16

Inspired by her daughter’s allergies to synthetic ingredients, Goddess Garden founder and CEO Nova Covington explains her approach to safe skincare products and why natural sunscreen is a no-brainer.

Red, White, & Waterless

By Jennifer Schwab, 2013-07-11

No matter what strides we make with solar power, natural gas, electric vehicles, cleaner vehicle emissions and the like, if it just stops raining, we are all in trouble—and sooner than later.

9 Simple Steps to a Carbon Neutral Home

By SCGH, 2013-05-21

Brandon Cheshire’s home is not only solar powered, it’s carbon neutral. This means it’s completely energy independent and emissions-free. Here’s how he did it.

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